write, edit, rewrite, delete, write, rewrite, delete, write, edit, rewrite, delete.

San Francisco2_feistyharriet

[write, write, write] there! a post about anxiety.

….hm….nope, too vulnerable, can’t do it. [delete, delete, delete.]

…..[think…think…think…] !!!!!

[write, write, write!] there! a post about not feeling so alone!

…. except…no. not working. at all. [delete, delete, delete.]

….. [think…think] a ha! a new idea!

…. [writey-write-write-tappity-tap-tap…. delete, delete, delete.] all my ideas are terrible.

……hmmmm….what if….?

[writewriteEDITwrite!!] ok! a post about doing it for the process! perfect!

[review]…..meh….no….nope, nope, nope.

[delete, delete, delete, delete, DELETE!]

…..[think…… think….. THINK DAMMIT! THINK!….]

….nope. no thoughts.

sigh. why is this sometimes so easy, and sometimes so ridiculously hard?!

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10 thoughts on “write, edit, rewrite, delete, write, rewrite, delete, write, edit, rewrite, delete.

  1. Re: at least the anxiety one.

    Earlier this year, especially when it came to some of the struggles the husband was/is going through, it was extremely difficult. It took me quite a bit to even get it typed (although it was eating at my insides to get out). Then nearly as soon as I posted it, I wanted to take it down. Then the day after that. And the day after that. But completely to my surprise, there were lovely strangers (you included!) that shared similar experiences or had something encouraging to say.

    You are far from alone. Definitely not the only one on the anxiety bus. Hang in there sister.

    (Re: the other posts, at least you have a little more … discretion isn’t the right word … you just think more about what you put out there than I do? Note – all my various ramblings. I doubt your ideas are terrible!)


    1. Well, this isn’t my first blog (RIP, Lovely Old Blog), but it is my most anonymous. Previous writing about being a stepmom was met with nasty threats and letters from horrible attorneys, all based on nothing of substance, but it would have taken thousands or even tens of thousands to fight it, so I closed up and went dark…ish. FeistyHarriet.com is my new(ish) place where I can finally be myself, but I still self-censor. A lot.


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      1. RIP is right! I would’ve liked to see it. Dang censorship. But the potential threats is what keeps mine anonymous too. Except I’m slightly the opposite (or would like to be) – where I’d like to have a somewhat less anonymous blog, where I could do more pictures, details, sharing about my family – but until there’s not others involved, (or I have nicer things to say, but mostly not others involved), anonymous I will be.


  2. I 100% understand. Even the silly post I wrote about coping with anxiety and dealing with the little things was hard for me to put out there. I find that whenever I try to force a post on a subject it comes out very disjointed and not like I would normally express myself. Wait until the words are bursting to come out and get it down. Then if you want to share it, share it. Sometimes you just have to push publish on a stream of consciousness vs editing it down to perfection.


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