When you start something new there is always a little bit of anxiety mixed in with the thrill of the new, the unexplored, the possibility. Maybe that’s just me. Coincidentally, when planning a new adventure, I also go through waves of melancholy and exhilaration; sad about what I’ll never have time to experience and simultaneously over the moon about what I will be able to see and do.

My brain is a living, spinning contradiction in almost every way. It’s exhausting.

Harriet sig


6 thoughts on “Contradictory

  1. I was going to ask if the picture was Chicago, and voila, you tagged Chicago!

    You are not alone. I’m teetering on the edge of a few big life changes – and while all for the better – I’m also teetering sheer excitement and terror, mixed with an all day anxiety of the “what if’s” (good and bad). You’re right, it is exhausting. But at least it’s Friday…?


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